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Executives and Managers of Insurance Companies, Agents, Managers and Risk Managers Insurance Company.

What we do

In collaboration with various training institutes,
MRC offers training courses in the following areas:

Training areas

  • Technical insurance

  • Reinsurance

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Lloyd’s market

What we offer

Training Insurance

MRC works different training institutions, including the University of Turin,
the ESCP Europe  and the ACB.

Advice and Six Sigma training

Six Sigma is the problem solving method more effective way to improve any area of business and any performance. There is no industry in the world that can move forward without the application of this method.

The “Six sigma” methodology

The method Six Sigma is a modern and very rigorous approach to managing organizations that aims to pursue excellence. Simply put it is a system that measures a process in terms of defects found, and has been used by several organizations Multinationals, including Motorola, General Electric and Toyota.

Its name comes from “sigma“, which is a symbol of the Greeks, used in the world of statistics to indicate the extent of the variance of a process that is. The oscillation of a parameter from the mean (standard deviation).
By “six” which is the maximum level of quality attainable by applying this tool (more sigma there are, in fact, the process is more stable and less subject to the variance).

A level of quality Six Sigma means an accuracy rate of 99.99966%, convertible into no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

MRC adopts the methodology of Six Sigma in the evaluation of business processes, and offers consulting and education through its own certified staff.

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